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While the fashion industry is potentially one of the hardest there is to crack, Polish designer 3R has slowly but surely made a name for herself in the heavily competitive market. By upcycling existing garments and breaking the boundaries with silhouettes, 3R has clients queuing outside the virtual door looking to purchase her pieces. 


Ok so, give us a background check – Who are you and where do you come from?


I’m 3R. I live in the industrial town of Katowice in southern Poland. I’ve always been interested in fashion and before I started my own brand I worked with the concept store BAZAR, as they sort of pioneered the fashion and music scene here. I still love the store and it’s the only physical location you can buy my clothes at. 



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How did you end up with the original concept for 3R?


It was kind of random actually. I’d never really been into sewing or making patterns, I literally saw a photo of a patchwork shirt online and decided to pursue it. I bought a vintage sewing machine from a friend who also showed me how to use it. She helped me a lot with my first projects. I should also mention that my mother is a professional seamstress. Kick-starting my own brand really helped grow my relationship with her.  


Was 3R always a sustainable label? 


Pretty much, although at first it wasn’t my main concept. The more I became involved with the fashion industry the less I liked what I saw. There’s so much waste and consumerism involved. I’m a vegan and really care about this planet, so I decided to move 3R into this direction as well. 



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Where do you source the items you repurpose? 


I just use the internet. I pick up flawed items for low prices often – it doesn’t matter as I’m going to upcycle them anyway! 


Do you think that the fashion industry will become more sustainable over time? 


Yes, eventually. Sustainability is the future, and it’s happening now. People are becoming way more aware of what they buy into and the way it’s made. Now more than ever, consumers have access to information regarding sustainability via the internet. We’re more socially and environmentally aware than ever. Like many, I follow many big designers and brands, and there’s a definite shift happening to make products more sustainable and friendly. 



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Will you ever produce your garments on a larger scale? 


For now, no, I’ll stick to the one-of-one way I’m doing things currently. Maybe one day, but for the time being I’m happy. I plan to drop a range of accessories this year and I have some trips planned around Europe that will help me grow my brand and take it to new levels. If you want to stay in the know, just follow me on Instagram as I’ll be posting regular updates – It’ll be an exciting year that’s for sure.





Posted: April 24th, 2020 / Fashion, Interviews

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