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Ever wondered what Family Guy’s Stewie would look like dressed up as Eleven from Stranger Things? Us neither, but one guy who has got us thinking outside of the box is Harry Rose. Known as @justharryart on Instagram, Harry is a visual artist who is blending together some of our favourite characters and making the outcome into stickers. We caught up with him to find out more about the inspiration behind his mashups.




So tell us Harry, what started your crazy mashup adventure?


I’ve always been a bit of a doodler and being a Graphic Designer by trade I like to think I already have that creative flair, as well as access to the best/right software.


The mashups started in October 2019 – the super talented artist Thumbs set a challenge to create a mashup each day for the month, using his prompts! Mashups are what he’s known for. Although I’m sure there were some guys doing similar things before him, he’s one of the best out there in my opinion.



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Who wants to win a set of these stickers? 😁 • All you have to do is like this post, tag a friend in the comments and share it to you story (don’t forget to tag me in the story!) • I’ll reveal a winner tomorrow evening ❤️ • Oh and these are now available on my Etsy store with free postage and I can ship worldwide 🌍 (Link in bio) • #competition #strangerthings #familyguy #cartoon #illustration #art #mashup #free #stickers #milliebobbybrown #petergriffin

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You’ve drawn some of the most loveable animated characters? Who’s next?


I’ve tried to focus on popular shows with big followings, so on the off chance an actor involved in the show shares it, it means I get a bit of coverage too which is great! I get suggestions on what to do next almost every day, The US Office, Peep Show and Peaky Blinders seem to be the most popular, as well as Stranger Things.


If you told me that I could only create three more mashups, it would have to be Trailer Park Boys, Summer Heights High and The US Office!



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The Office X Family Guy 🏢 • There we have it! Finished off the set with Michael Scott X Elmer Hartman. 😁 • #theoffice #theusoffice #familyguy #glennquagmire #quagmire #dwight #dwightschrute #michaelscott #elmerhartman #mashup #cartoon #art #illustration #stayathome #covid19 #coronavirus #dundermifflin #beetsbearsbattlestargalactica

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What are you hoping to do with your designs going forward?


I would like to create more merch, not just stickers! Magnets, t-shirts, mugs, phone cases etc. and from there, maybe take it on full-time when the time is right. I’ve become quite obsessed with drawing over the past couple of months and feel the possibilities are endless.




Any dream clients you’d like to design for?


Hugo Chegwin‘s (Beats from Kurupt FM) partner asked me to create him as a Simpson as a birthday present, that was a lot of fun and really cool to be doing it for a guy like Hugo.


It would be amazing to design a new character for The Simpsons. I was recently featured in a Podcast about the show This Country – they had an executive producer from The Simpsons on the show, and he loved my work!



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Morning guys! I wanted to do something a bit different today and show my support to the amazing job everyone involved in the NHS is doing. 🏥 • I’ve created these 3 limited edition stickers which are now currently available to pre-order from my Etsy store (link in bio) and all profits made will be donated to the NHS via the Virgin Money Giving site. The stickers are £2 each or you can buy the set for just £5! Not only will you be getting some cool stickes but you’ll be contributing to a huge donation to the NHS! 🥰 • I’d absolutely love to sell all of these and send a good chunk of money to the guys who need it most! I’ll keep you all informed with how the sales are going and as soon as they’ve all sold or sales have come to a halt I’ll send the donation. 😁 • Oh and please share the hell out of this! ❤️❤️ • #coronavirus #thankyounhs #nhs #charity #simpsons #futurama #pokemo#drnickn #nursejoy #zoidberg #covid19 #stayathome #stickers #art #illustration #cartoon #nhsheroes

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What’s been your biggest creative challenge during lockdown?


I personally have found it less challenging, it’s given me more time to think and come up with some of the ideas I have. I lost my job pretty much as soon as the virus hit the UK, so I’ve had a lot of time to think and create!




Posted: August 18th, 2020 / Art, Interviews

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