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Fresh off the back of the launch of her first ever studio EP, we sat down with up-and-coming London based artist Josie Man. With her unmistakable aesthetic and instantly-recognizable signature style, there’s no denying that she’s on the brink of blowing up. At just 21 years old, her music has already made a lasting impact on many and it seems as if things will only go up from here.



Hey Josie, great to get the chance to catch up with you – can you tell us briefly about yourself?


Hey SCC! I’m 21 years old, half Chinese and half English. I grew up in South East London and I think that’s had a huge impact on me. I grew up around music, my parents always had music on in the house, and as kids me and my sisters would always play CD’s in the car on long journeys. Think like Avril Lavingne, Rihanna and Beyonce; that sort of stuff!



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We’ve all gotta stick together in this VERY strange time in life!! If you’re nervous just find comfort in the fact that we are all in this together!!! This “thing” latches on to fear so let’s keep positive, hopeful, SENSIBLE and loving!! Look out for the people who need it the most!! In my head love and kindness will over power this!! ? (taken by the amazing @aplidgett )

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Okay I’m gonna hit you with some quick-fire questions now, describe yourself in three words?


Positive, sensitive and caring, I think that would sum me up.


Would you say your music is a certain genre?


I wouldn’t say it fits into any genre really, I quite like to blend all my influences together. For argument’s sake, I’d call my music identity pop, because I want my music to describe me. My songs sound how I look, if that makes sense?


Certainly makes sense, it only takes a few tracks to get into the vibe of your music. Anyway, what’s your current most played song on Spotify?


It’s 100% Spotless Minds by Jhené Aiko – she’s one of my biggest influences.



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??my EP launch??(P.S my EP comes out tonight at midnight!! ) ?thank you to absolutely everyone, you made me aHAPPYboothang? ? taken by the wonderful @philippraheem ?

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What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe right now?


Definitely my Gucci coat. It has the classic monogram all over it and I just love it.


Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with?


It’s got to be Jhené Aiko, as I said before she’s such an inspiration to me, plus I just love collaborating anyway.



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when u can’t decide if u wanna dress ur pins in GG or LV

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If music wasn’t your thing right now or you couldn’t get into the industry, what would you be doing instead?


Definitely a yoga teacher, I can really see myself doing that.


Who’s your favourite person to stalk on Instagram?


It would have to be the Medical Medium (Anthony William), he’s really got his head screwed on you know.


Do you have any tattoos?


Of course, I love tattoos. I’ve got quite a few now so I’ve sort of last count. My favourites have to be my palms. They were tattooed by Luke Ashley at South City Market and I absolutely love them.



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Sparkles for Josie ✨ft. healed palm from 5months ago. Made at my guest spot at @mothandflametattoo ? #tattoo #palmtattoo #palmtattoos #sacredheart #sacredhearttattoo #linework #lineworktattoo #outline #outlinetattoo #healedpalmtattoo #healedtattoo #blackwork #blackworktattoo #londontattoo #londontattooartist #parloiruk #d_world_of_ink #pics_of_inked #uktta #tattoosnob #wheretheytatt #onlythedarkest #finelinetattoo #undergroundartists #neotraditionaleurope #southcitymarket #mothandflametattoo

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What’s your go-to karaoke song?


Take a Bow by Rihanna! No contest.


Yeah we agree, that’s a banger. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?


To live in the moment! It’s so easy to get caught up in the past and let it affect the current version of yourself. I know it’s a bit cliché but I couldn’t swear by it more.




Posted: April 19th, 2020 / Fashion, Interviews, Music

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