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Juan (a.k.a @juanpoked) is a handpoke tattooer currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He recently opened a studio – @caos.bsas – and is planning his first guest spots in Europe in 2020. We asked him a few questions to find out more about his work.


Hey Juan! It’s good to meet you. We’ve noticed your tattoo portfolio looks slightly different from others, how would you describe your vibe?


Beyond my interest in photography, I am more interested in taking the picture of the tattoo in context, showing the person, their style and personality, rather than taking a tight close-up of the artwork.



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@caos.bsas 🖤.- #sticknpoke

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Your clients look pretty hardcore. Why do you feel you attract the type of client you get?


Haha! Pretty hardcore? Yeah, the tattoos you see on my Instagram portfolio aren’t all that I do, clearly. You can see a selection of my favourites there, but I’m not too keen to show all of my work. I also have many other favourites that I don’t even have a photo of.




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Tell us why we see a lot of tattooed faces on your feed, are they not as much of a commitment as they used to be? And how on earth do you tattoo an eyelid!?


I don’t have any face tattoos myself yet. I even have some clients who want their eyelids done who have no tattos elsewhere in their bodies or faces. The handpoke technique is very safe, precise and friendly, which is why I felt the confidence to tattoo eyelids and other complex body parts (like the face). I love tattooing eyelids!




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💶 💶 💶 Healed sueldos.- @caos.bsas

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Tattooing isn’t the way it always has been, what direction do you see tattooing going in?


The same direction that the entire planet is going. I think we are living in a moment of critical anguish, but all this shit is presented as a great opportunity to tear down the old structures that ruled the world until today. This is reflected in everything, even in the tattoo scene and its clients.


Do you feel your tattooing style fits your overall sense of style?


I don’t know, I never really look for that in a conscious way.




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@caos.bsas 🌐🕊

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Is fashion important to you? If so, what’s your favourite brand?


That’s a complex question! Fashion is not important to me, but it is true that I try to show my work with a certain aesthetic criterion. I currently have a clothing brand with my girlfriend (@n.y.e). We see fashion as a monster that rules the world enslaving it’s consumers, which is why we believe it is our mission to break fashion standards and create a new form of wear where we all benefit; where we are not victims of consumerism alienated by the depersonalisation of global brands.




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Faye and ANGEL t-shirts, unique as hell 💋 #RECONSTRUCTED #uniqueclothing

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What advice would you give to your younger self?


Life is not easy but you will be fine anyway. Don’t expect anything from anyone. Do it yourself.


What can we expect to see from you in the future?


No expectations, just breathing.




Posted: May 10th, 2020 / Interviews, Tattoo

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