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Five Minutes With

Jynwaye Foo


Known for her meticulously hand-painted trainers, Jynwaye Foo is a visual artist you should know about. We caught up with her about painting, anime and her recent transition into tattooing…


Hey Jyn! Please tell us a bit about yourself, where you’re from, what you do and how you started out…


My name is Jyn. I am based in NYC. I’m currently pursuing a Masters in Climate Science at Columbia, but I do art on the side. I started out by painting on sneakers, furniture, clothes, designer bags and accessories before deciding to explore other mediums such as tattooing.



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best super smash bros character❓

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What inspired you to start painting on things other than paper?


I love being able to customise the things around me. Every surface I see is a blank canvas to me. Making everyday things (i.e. a table, a bookshelf, a trash can, or even an umbrella) fun and interesting makes life fun and interesting for me, and (hopefully) the people who see these pieces on the internet.



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Ba-ka! to go with your gon tee 😉

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Do you have any good anime film recommendations?


I’m kinda basic so Your Name and Weathering With You for the full visual-orgasm experience. Storywise, Grave of the Fireflies.


What’s your favourite piece that you’ve worked on?


I don’t have a favourite. I’m overly critical and find fault in all of my work haha.



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We can see you’ve started to get into tattooing. Has that developed from your paintings or is it something you’ve always been interested in?


I actually just got my first tattoo a few months ago. Watching the process in real life sparked a fire in me again (sorry for the corniness!). I was obsessed with it and bought a machine almost immediately to practice on fake skin.



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do not try this at home😾🖕🔞

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What are the pros and cons of each medium (tattooing vs painting)?


Tattooing is a different ballpark. No redos, no undos. The need to be at my best and produce the best work for somebody who places their trust in me is really fulfilling. 

As for painting, it’s less pressure overall – I’ve done it so much it just feels like a daily routine to me. I’d say tattooing fulfils me and painting comforts me.


Do you have any advice for young artists?


I’d say if an artwork pops up on your feed and you think to yourself “this is so cool they’re so talented I’d never be able to do what they do” etc. stop that haha. Go to the nearest art store, get cheap supplies (unless you have $, then go to town), start small and then practice during any free time you have. You see pretty things on your feed but you don’t see the hard work the artist put in to achieve their visions. If you want to get on their level, put in the work. You can do it!!


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