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With the market for customised goods growing stronger by the day, it’s safe to say that the market has become a little oversaturated. While there are a lot of talented creatives out there, it’s become a little harder to stand out from the crown. Kevin Bui or @kevinconcepts as he’s known on Instagram is easily one of the more memorable designers out there. We caught up with him to find out a little more regarding his work and his aspirations. 


Kevin, give us a little bit of background information on yourself? 


Hey! I’m Kevin Bui. I’m a self taught creative from Portland, Oregon, which ties me into my next point nicely. My dream is to become a footwear developer for Nike. It’s my favourite brand in the world and conveniently the global headquarters is also in Portland. 



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Customized a pair of Chuck 70s for myself. Mood lately. Thanks to @herbjuice for the patches! ? Inspired by Chinatown’s Converse.

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Do you remember when you first fell in love with footwear? 


I can’t really say there was a specific moment. It’s just always been a huge part of my life. When I was in school I was a keen sportsman, playing soccer, basketball and all sorts of athletics. Obviously I wore sneakers during this period and began to learn a little about different brands and signature models, so I guess it stemmed from there. 


How did the creative aspect come into play here?


Once again, I studied art in school. I really loved it and eventually I combined my two passions by doodling onto a pair of sneakers. I didn’t think it would be something I’d still be doing years down the line, at the time it was just a bit of fun – but here we are!



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Air Max Day is coming up so I made myself a Cardholder Wallet with “AIR MAX” leather overlays. Not for sale.

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Tell us about your career in the industry so far?


It’s come in leaps and bounds. Back in 2011 I had possibly the best experience of my life when I was offered the opportunity to undertake job shadowing at Jordan Brand headquarters. Any sneakerhead will tell you how important Jordan’s are to the whole scene, so to be a part of something that I’d lived and breathed for so long was an unreal opportunity. After this I studied business marketing at Portland State University, while working for Nike as a sales assistant the entire time. My love for Nike is just a constant thing. 



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I customized a pair of Blazers for myself for SNKRBALL. Added a double swoosh and a mini swoosh on the toe box.

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How did you start selling your custom work? 


That was during my time at university too. It started off just as a hobby, and I would wear my own creations. It kind of just went crazy on Instagram at one point, so many people were asking where they could buy my stuff, so I guess I had to start producing them on a larger scale! It’s still a relatively small operation now though. 



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Second custom Levi’s denim jacket with vintage Nike patches from the thrift

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What are your plans for the future?


To work for Nike! Not in a store anymore though. The dream is to become a Footwear Developer. It’s a crazy job and I’d get to work with all the things I love, creativity, materials and footwear. Some people would say it’s an unrealistic dream but I honestly believe that it’s possible. Not just for me, but for anyone! Fingers crossed, with my experience working for Nike previously, and my location being a huge plus point – I might just make it. I’ll keep you updated! 




Posted: April 17th, 2020 / Fashion, Interviews

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