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What do a high-quality streetwear brand, a Mayfair cocktail bar and an event featuring some of London’s hottest new artists have in common? The answer is Terri Hartshorn; the entrepreneur who has launched multiple successful businesses but is only just getting started. We spent a few minutes with her to learn more about her journey so far…



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Not to turn you on or anything but I’ll support you emotionally

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Hey Terri! Firstly, can you tell us briefly about yourself and what you do?


Sure! I’m Terri, a native northerner living in south east London. I run multiple ventures; a clothing brand, a cocktail bar, a jewellery brand & an event company.


You founded The Lucky Club clothing brand and bar, as well as Adorn Lab for jewellery AND you’re 1/2 of Milk City events… that’s pretty impressive! How did you first get into business and build up your brands?


Haha, thank you! I’m aware it’s a lot, but I like to keep busy and have multiple outlets for my creativity. I actually got into business through chance – back in 2013 I tie-dyed a load of t-shirts and sold them on Facebook within a day, so the idea of a clothing brand came from there.



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I’ve been waiting a longggg time to drop a new collection for @theluckyclub ? other projects took priority and it’s nice to finally take some time to focus on art over business. Art directed, styled & shot by meeee ? thank you to @chloesa @tendaii._ @yazmataz_ @_nathanielwilliams @itsjustgillian ? Collection now live at

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My first brand became quite popular in Manchester, but the company failed due to lack of business knowledge. So I took to the internet and taught myself everything I know now. I definitely learn by doing, failing, trying again, finding success, repeating what was successful, and then constantly innovating from there.


I think once you understand the fundamentals it can be applied to all types of business and industries. I create things I’m interested in; fashion, art, music.


The Lucky Club has a very distinctive style which is consistent across your other brands. Was this a business-minded decision or is it more of a reflection on your personal style/taste?


Honestly it’s weird because I couldn’t tell you what that style is! Nothing is preconceived with me, I just go with what I find personally aesthetically pleasing.




How important is social media to you and your work?


I think social media is hugely important, it’s a great tool for finding new customers & updating your current ones. I see social media as an extension of you or your brand, it’s mainly the highlights of course, but scrolling through a person or a brands Instagram can quickly give you an idea of what they’re about.


Which brand(s) are you obsessing over at the moment?


I love Cole Buxton for the British athleisure aesthetic & quality. I mainly buy quality over quantity so go for brands like Carrots, Palace, ACW and I’ll always love Nike. Their collaboration’s are genius.


We notice you’ve got a few tattoos – do you have a favourite?


I always think my latest tattoo is my favourite, haha. I recently got SE on my hand because south east London is like a second home to me. But I got an M for Manchester too.



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isolating only in the garden from now on ?

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Time for some quick fire questions! Favourite item in your wardrobe?


A vintage Adidas faded black t shirt. I got it for £2 at a festival.


What was the last thing you Googled?


Legit – “how to apply for a Guinness world record” hahah lockdown has got me feeling bored and competitive. I wanna do something crazy.


Beer, Wine or Cocktails?


Definitely cocktails.


Go to karaoke song?


Dido – White Flag. Perform at the end of the night, everyone’s got drunk tears in their eyes, leave the stage a hero.




And finally, can you tell us about some of the dreams you have for the future?


Throw huge fashion/music events, create new fashion trends, do a pop up in LA, and just have the most amount of fun possible!




Posted: June 11th, 2020 / Fashion, Interviews, Lifestyle

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