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Titi Finlay is a London-based creative who writes fashion content for ASOS across their global social media platforms. We spoke to her about streetwear, her favourite brands and how she landed her dream job.


Hey Titi! When we found your social media we instantly wanted to talk to you about your idea of what streetwear is.


I guess it’s different for everyone but for me it’s just about flexing the brands you love and being part of a community. It’s important to have your own style though and not get caught up in the hype. I’ll never pay resell for something as I’m not that desperate to own hype stuff, and I know a lot of OG sneakerheads/streetwear collectors are moving away from that now and focusing more on rare/vintage pieces instead.




Working for ASOS must be a dream job. How did you manage to achieve that as a young creative?


It’s definitely a dream job – the fact I get to be creative with sneakers every day is so much fun! I actually wrote an article on how I got the job . But ultimately I got the job through hard grafting, being an opportunist and never giving up on what I wanted.


What lifetime achievements do you feel like you’ve met? Tell us about some of the dreams you have.


I think my favourite career moment so far was being taken to Dubai for Sole DXB by Puma and getting to interview my idol Mike Cherman, as well as meeting some more of my heroes like Pharrell and Jeff Staple. I also recently brought out a podcast and campaign with Nike for Air Max Day which was pretty surreal! There’s some madness in the pipeline but it’s top secret right now – let’s just say stay tuned for 2021!



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How does shopping affect your personal life? Are you someone who would rather wait in line for the latest drop or would you miss it for a family BBQ?


I would defo miss a drop for my family always, and actually I don’t think I’ve ever waited in line for anything – I prefer to do raffles online as I’ve got too much on my plate to be waiting in lines haha! Luckily my boyfriend is massive sneakerhead too so our idea of a cute day date is picking up some winning raffles or browsing in END or Patta then grabbing food. Lewis is the one who taught me about sneakers/streetwear and so it’s a massive shared passion of ours!



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Find someone who looks at you the way @lewis.lpb looks at me when I’m performing musicals ?❤️???

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What brands have got you going crazy at the moment?


Aime Leon Dore because I keep taking L’s on their New Balance stuff haha – it’s just such quality fire design so I need to get my hands on some. Also really starting to feel Salomon and ASICS sneakers, I think they are about to become a thing.



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Ok sneakerhead friends… @salomon sneakers WYS? (It’s a yes from me) ?

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Do you have any up and coming brands you’d like to shout about too?


I discovered some sick streetwear brands at Sole DXB like 5ive Pillars (which I saw Jeff Staple rocking!) and One and Four Studio which is a female-founded brand that make sick tie-dye pieces using vegetable dye and sustainable fabrics. 


Could you give us some styling tips?


Start from the shoe up! I always let my sneakers do the talking. Don’t over do it – one statement piece and the rest should be subtle.




Posted: May 18th, 2020 / Fashion, Interviews

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