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There’s no doubt that the majority of us grew up playing Pokémon. The impressive free-roaming game allowed us to wander a vast two-dimensional world, collecting wild creatures along the way and ultimately battling it out to become the greatest Pokémon trainer ever. 


Since 1996 the fabled games have been claiming hours at a time while players get lost in the extensive lands, while along the way the franchise has also launched several blockbuster movies that won the hearts of fans across the world. 



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SPLIT THMEOW FUNNEL NECK. Available on site.

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It’s not surprising, due to the popularity of Pokémon, that over the years the undeniably cute creatures have popped up in the fashion world here and there. We’ve seen Medicom Toy create several Pokémon-themed BE@RBRICKS, while more recently highly-coveted artist Daniel Arsham was granted extensive access to the Pokémon visual archive for the first time in history. 


Today however, we’re putting the spotlight on a brand-new capsule collection launched by upcoming label AN-APPENDAGE that’s inspired by the pocket-sized creatures. The brand has been on our radar for a minute now, with several collections already garnering a high level of interest and being worn by Instagram stars around the world, but this latest offering certainly grabbed us and pulled us in further. 



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SPLIT PUFF FUNNEL NECK online now + RAGNEG FUNNEL NECK restocked on site ✨?

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The label has honoured four iconic Pokémon characters by immortalising them in the form of cosy-looking funnel-neck sweatshirts. Each garment is specifically coloured to coordinate with the featured creature, while the character in question is embroidered onto the front for a timeless look. 


The legendary Jigglypuff kicks things off on the front of a pink and black sweater, while Meowth, Gengar and Squirtle are also honoured with their very own iterations. If you’re looking for a cosy way to get through the winter, then look no further as these retro-inspired jumpers will have you nostalgic for weeks to come. 



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RAGNEG FUNNEL NECK – restocked on site. ✨

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Just with a quick scroll through AN-APPENDAGE’s Instagram, it’s easy to see just how good the sweaters look when worn with a sick outfit. Fans of the label have already been posing in the Pokémon garments, and if we’re honest we’re going to have to cop ourselves a couple! 



Posted: May 23rd, 2020 / Fashion, Spotlight On

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