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The world loves LEGO, and a whole lot of people also love Star Wars, so why not combine both? That’s exactly what Lewis Meeny has done, better known on Instagram for running the account @built_bricks.



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LEGO Lightsaber no. 1 – Anakin Skywalker ———————————————————————— Presenting the first in a new series focusing on my LEGO Lightsaber hilts against their real-world counterparts! I’ll be posting one saber a day in the order I designed them in. Starting the collection off with the build that sparked it all, Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber! There are multiple variants across the films, and I decided to settle on its appearance in Empire. Instructions can be found at #lego #legostarwars #legolightsaber #starwars #theclonewars #clonewars #starwarsrebels #themandalorian #skywalkersaga #moc #legomaster #masterbuilder #anakinskywalker #chosenone

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Lewis worked as a former LEGO Master Model Builder, so it’s evident how he is able to construct such cool and accurate designs. He now specialises in recreating LEGO replicas of iconic Star Wars lightsabers, and then sells the instructions via the website Rebrickable.



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LEGO Lightsaber no. 3 – Darth Vader ———————————————————————— After designing two of the lightsabers from A New Hope, I knew I needed to round out the collection with Darth Vader’s signature lightsaber! Though I haven’t made major updates on the design since I first designed it a few years ago, I still think it looks pretty good. Instructions available on my Rebrickable page, check my profile for a link. #lego #legostarwars #legolightsaber #starwars #theclonewars #clonewars #starwarsrebels #themandalorian #skywalkersaga #moc #legomaster #masterbuilder #darthvader #501stlegion #theempire #chosenone

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Having built replicas of each iconic character’s weapon of choice, you can build Obi-Wan’s, Anakin’s, Darth Vader’s, Yodas, and Mace Windu’s lightsaber to name a few thanks to his designs. All of them range upwards of 89 parts, so expect to be busy, with the Ahsoka Tano constructed from an impressive 414 pieces!



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LEGO Lightsaber no. 5 – Luke Skywalker ———————————————————————— Quite possibly the most iconic lightsaber hilt of all time, Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber was a blast to design in LEGO form. It’s the most common LEGO lightsaber I’ve seen, with many other builders having designed exceptional life-sized replica MOCS. My design is definitely not the most screen accurate version out there, but I sacrificed some smaller details to keep the saber strong, robust, and easy for people to build themselves. It’s definitely one of my favourites to show people in person. Instructions available on my Rebrickable page, check my profile for a link. Bonus trivia- the standard minifigure lightsaber piece is based on Luke’s lightsaber! #lego #legostarwars #legolightsaber #lightsber #starwars #theclonewars #clonewars #starwarsrebels #themandalorian #skywalkersaga #moc #legomaster #masterbuilder #lukeskywalker #thelastjedi #chosenone

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There are 25 different lightsabers you can purchase instructions for today. However, with regular updates via his Instagram account, fans of these sick replicas won’t be left in the dark side. Hit the text below and get building now.





Posted: June 4th, 2020 / Art, Spotlight On

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