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The sneaker world is one of those quiet subcultures that continues to grow – seemingly without end. If you’re not involved in the scene, it’s easy for this vast world to pass by unknowingly, however for those that have invested their careers into sneakers it is everything. 


While the industry behind limited-edition footwear is more alive than ever, today we’re delving into the lesser-known and often community-based scene that revolves around the customisation of trainers. 



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x????x Some great shots by @gianpaolopabros of his TS Air Force 1 featuring the Supreme Pizza and SW Dripp patches by @herbjuice. Thank you for the support! ?: @gianpaolopabros

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There are countless creatives across Instagram and many other platforms that offer bespoke sneaker customisation services, be it sole-swaps for rare older models, modifications or totally one-of-one paint jobs, with some of the creations being of such a high standard that they could be mistaken for official releases! 


Today, we’re touching on one creator who’s thinking outside the box and offering sneaker customisation differently. Herby Santana (or @herbjuice) is a Florida-based artist whose main hustle is creating interchangeable patches that totally rejuvenate the look of any sneaker.



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While Nike have previously played around with the concept of removable patches (think Travis Scott’s original Air Force 1 collaboration or the Air Max 95 Neon “Patch” pack from 2015), it never really made the jump to a fully-fledged range. 


Instagram users seem to love the content Herby creates, with his recreated Nike Swooshes quickly garnering thousands of likes and amassing him over 30,000 followers. The patches are insanely detailed and bring a totally fresh idea to the table, while Herby has even worked in collaboration with other custom artists to create impressive replicas such as an Air Force 1 inspired by Jeff Staple’s iconic Pigeon Dunk from 2005



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x? ✔️x Patch set for today. #ConverseXJoshuaVides

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If you’re looking to switch up the look of those sneakers that have been gathering dust at the bottom of your wardrobe, then look no further as Herby’s webstore is fully stocked with crazy-looking patches that will no doubt breathe a new lease of life into your previously retired classics!



Posted: April 28th, 2020 / Fashion, Spotlight On

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