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Celebrating street style fashion through customised hats, Loso19NinetyTwo brings a fresh approach to headgear and up cycling. Operating out of New York City, he is at the hub of the fashion world and constantly able to take street style inspiration from the world around him. Beginning with small customisations on shoes in 2014, Loso19NinetyTwo has rocketed to success. He now has over 50K followers on his Instagram, and a separate online store.



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They hate to see a muthaf*cka this confident quit ya 9-5 for 24/7 ?

A post shared by ???? (@loso19ninetytwo) on Feb 26, 2020 at 10:50am PST


It wasn’t until 2017 that Loso19NinetyTwo really cemented his signature style, custom caps using embroidery. Often using a canvas of a cap with a nod to New York on it, he displays immense creativity with a variety of designs.


His signature look is flames. The customisation instantly gives the caps a new lease of life, and can really enhance a look. For many of us, the last thing we think about in terms of custom fashion is caps, and that is why Loso19NinetyTwo has been so clever in his approach. He has found a strong gap in the market where he can actively express his love for fashion yet create stunning streetwear that has minimal opposition.



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Two wrongs don’t make a right but two facts make a deadass…can I get a yerrrr ?!!!

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Many of the designs are inspired by nature.  His line includes flames, trees and animals. The technique he uses is immaculate, using hand embroidery to ensure the lines are crisp and straight, and free embroidery for more abstract designs.



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Good things happen to chefs that don’t stop cooking…?

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We can’t wait to see what other creative genius flows from this designer in the near future. He has certainly made his mark in the street wear industry. We expect huge things from Loso19NinetyTwo coming soon!




Posted: March 1st, 2021 / Fashion, Spotlight On

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