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The surge in popularity of social media over recent years has kickstarted many other industries alongside it. The rise of influencer culture has sparked a whole new generation of subcultures and internet cool-kids, whilst also allowing upcoming brands the ability to market themselves independently across one of the largest platforms in the world. 


With the market being so competitive, many of these labels find their demise no sooner than they are founded, however those with solid business plans and unique selling points have thrived off of this opportunity, and remain as dominant players in the fashion game. One label that has continued to be a constant innovator is Urban Sophistication



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@urbansophisticationtm x June 17th 2019 11:30 AM – 20:30 PM Address: 5-chōme−25−4 Jingūmae Shibuya City Japan

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The brand plays off of the very thing that makes it such a success, painting social media in a satirical light, often nearing advising against it. Another key to the popularity here is the way Urban Sophistication constantly reinvents itself to stay in line with current trends – meaning it’s never outdated or late off the mark. 


Of course, this ironic attitude has struck a chord with the influencer generation, with Urban Sophistication skyrocketing from “just another Instagram brand” into an internationally recognised label worn by high-profile celebrities. 



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This should be the most liked pic on Instagram ? ?? @world_record_egg

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The label was created by then 18-year old Neta Yam and her brother Elad way back in 2015. Originally, the entire concept of the brand was to print iconic pop-culture taglines onto T-shirts and sweatshirts, then selling them for an impressive mark up via Instagram. 


Urban Sophistication first sprung to fame way back in 2016 when it launched a specific T-shirt featuring Kardashian-mom Kris Jenner. The shirt placed a graphic of Kris’ face across the front and reinvented it to resemble a tour T-shirt similar to those sold by American rock band KISS. Underneath the graphic, text reads “The Momager Tour”, paying homage to her position as the manager of her daughters’ careers. This parody T-shirt was an instant success, and was only propelled further into the limelight when Kylie and Kendall Jenner wore the T-shirt on mother’s day alongside Kourtney Kardashian



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Happy Mothers Day

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After two years of strong and successful trading, 2018 saw the pair release a brand-new collection which was set to define their career so far. Titled “SCREENSHOTS”, the capsule ridiculed social media via the now famous tagline “Social media seriously harms your mental health” and consisted of hooded sweatshirts, T-shirts and iPhone cases. The slogan was printed in block text, resembling the same familiar health warning printed on cigarette packets worldwide.

Accompanied by a huge influencer marketing campaign, SCREENSHOTS propelled the label even further onto the worldwide fashion stage and escalated Urban Sophistication to a high-profile and extremely profitable business. 



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Our cases are gonna be so pretty on the new iPhones?

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From here on, the label only continued to thrive with the launch of further collections and the continued use of influencer marketing. By far the most successful products produced by Urban Sophistication are the many phone cases that showcase satirical quotes. Slogans such as “Low Battery, Get a Life” and the topical “Social gatherings can seriously harm you and others around you” adorn the transparent iPhone cases, while they have also branched out into creating similar AirPods cases that have attracted just as much attention. 



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Perhaps Urban Sophistication is the real-life proof that not all Instagram brands crash and burn, if they’re able to stay on top of the ever-changing trends and meet the needs of consumers, it’s possible to in fact thrive and prosper in this era where we are constantly oversaturated with consumerist goods from all angles. 








Posted: April 15th, 2020 / Fashion, Spotlight On

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